The Wrong Way

You may have noticed that if you try to paste the embed code for a YouTube video into WordPress, it doesn't work.

That's because the WordPress editor isn't made for entering embed codes. It's made for typing regular words and stuff that humans will read.

The right way to add a YouTube video to a WordPress post

WordPress comes with an easy way to add a YouTube video to a blog post.

  1. Right above the text editor, click the button that says "Add Media".  
  2. Then in the box that comes up, click on the "Insert from URL" link.  
  3. Insert the URL for the YouTube video into the first text box you see. Do not enter the embed code for the video. Just paste the link to the video.
  4. After a few seconds, WordPress should fetch your video automatically.
  5. Click the "Insert into post" button to complete the insertion.

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