How Does Striaex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream Work?

By: Brian Alexis


Striaex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is both a preventive topical cream and remedy for stretch marks. Armed with modern technologies from dermatological science and the cosmeceutical industry, Striaex cream can help persons with wrinkles, scars and of course, stretch marks.

The Science of Stretch Marks

To understand how Striaex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream works, there must first be a clear understanding of what you're actually dealing with when you start noticing the formation of stretch marks. The skin is made up of two main layers called the epidermis and the dermis. These two layers of skin are exposed to different environmental factors and are eventually worn down by age and poor daily habits. The outer layer of the skin is composed of mostly dead skin cells that tend to shed everyday. The trouble with stretch marks and wrinkles can be found on the dermis.

The dermis is where the connective proteins are located. You might have heard of the two main proteins responsible for the appearance and flexibility of the skin: elastin and collagen. When these two proteins are no longer present in sufficient amounts in the skin, the problems begin.

The Power of Strioxyl-10

With the help of NAC Laboratories, Strioxyl-10 was developed specifically for the unique cocktail that is the Striaex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. Strioxyl-10 is actually a breakthrough in cosmetic science and dermatology. In itself, Strioxyl-10 is a unified formula; but it's actually composed of 10 different ingredients. The best thing about Striaex cream is that it tends to work not on a step-by-step basis but in a synergistic manner, working on multiple levels with multiple components all acting to produce the desired effect on the skin.

Hail the Household Yeast!

Striaex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream actually makes use of ordinary yeast. Well, not exactly the yeast itself but something in the yeast. To simplify matters, let's go back to the basics of biology. There are two kinds of cellular formations. The first type of cell is the prokaryotic cells, which can be found in bacteria. Prokaryotic cells often form simplistic organisms, which often multiply or reproduce through parthenogenesis or bacterial fission. The second type of cell is called the eukaryotic cell. This type of cell is present in both animals and plant life. This is where the vital similarity begins. Yeast and human skin cells are actually very similar to each other. But that's not what exactly helps the skin itself. So what does?

Protective Membrane

When yeast is exposed to any form of injury or harm, it has a chemical reaction that serves to protect it from environmental harm. Do you know what this chemical reaction is? Yeast cells actually release chemicals that form elastin and collagen! Yes, the same proteins required for healthy skin are released whenever yeasts are irritated or are exposed to potential harm.

In addition, Striaex cream works by making use of other important components, including peptide cosmetics, peptone technology, lysates. Other ingredients include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calendula, chamomile oil, lavender, cucumber and carrot. There are other ingredients as well; these are just the most important ingredients.

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