How do you rotate facebook photos?


I'm not cool enough to have a facebook account, but I noticed that my wife uploaded some photos to her facebook account and she didn't know how to rotate them. I ended up rotating them for her. Since many people don't know how to rotate photos for facebook, I'll share with you how.

Rotate Facebook Photos, Here's how

Of course, you must be logged in to your facebook account.

Next, click on the album where your photos are located.

In the album, click on one of the photos that you want to rotate.

Locate and use the rotate tool

Facebook's rotate photo tool can be used by clicking on one of the arrows.

Below your enlarged image, you will see the icons for facebook's image rotation tools. Just look for the arrows that point to left or right.

Click on the left pointing arrow if you want to rotate your image 90 to the left. The right arrow will magically rotate your photo 90 to the right.

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