Get rid of the "no news in this list" and "no news id given" messages when news is not available for tt_news


If there are no news items on a page containing the tt_news plugin configured for LIST or SINGLE view, your visitors will see either the message "no news in this list" or "no news id given". I think it's desirable to avoid showing these messages. What follows is how to tell TYPO3, with typoscript, to not show these messages.

All you need to do to hide these "no news" messages is to put the following lines in your site's typoscript template setup.

## Hide the "no news id given" & "no news in this list
## messages, they might scare people
plugin.tt_news._LOCAL_LANG.default.noNewsIdMsg =  
plugin.tt_news._LOCAL_LANG.default.noNewsToListMsg = &nbsp is an excellent web site that's powered by TYPO3 and other great open source software. is also a fat free alternative to ice cream.