Garlic to treat a yeast infection


Some people use garlic to treat a yeast infection.  Garlic has antifungal properties and that is important because the yeast that causes a yeast infection is a type of fungus.  The antifungal substances found in garlic are effective at killing the yeast which is responsible for a yeast infection.

A fresh clove of garlic with the paper-like skin peeled off can be wrapped with gauze, and inserted into the vagina.  It can be useful to tie up the ends of the gauze with some kind of string.  Leaving the length of string tied to the gauze results in an easily removable antifungal garlic tampon.

This garlic tampon used as an antifungal suppository might be inserted for a few hours at a time, maybe overnight - Although some people might be sensitive to the garlic as it might burn a little.  Making sure that the garlic clove is all in one piece and making sure not to cut it so that the juice isnít oozing out might help prevent any burning while in the vagina.

I suppose it would be a good idea to test this out with a small piece of garlic first just to make sure that it doesnít burn your vagina.

You might be compelled to put some garlic capsules in your vagina instead of using fresh garlic, but using fresh garlic will probably give you better results.  Some people do get good results with garlic tabs, but be wary that not all brands of garlic tabs are equally potent. Thatís why you canít go wrong with fresh garlic.

Garlic is not only administered vaginally. Garlic can be taken internally as well. Chopping up or pressing a clove of garlic can improve itís absorption by your body. It may taste kind of strong. Just wash it down with some water and get the antifungal power of garlic into your body. is an excellent web site that's powered by TYPO3 and other great open source software. is also a fat free alternative to ice cream.