A lot of readers have been looking for a free host with SSH access. Although I don't know of such a service, I do know of a great standalone SSH service from a reliable provider - CJB.net

First off, the only restriction I've found with this free SSH service is that you have to login once every 90 days or So. That could be scripted I suppose, but you could probably just log in manually when they email you a reminder, and it wouldn't be much of an inconvenience.

I've mainly only used my SSH account as a tunnel proxy when I want to access web sites from a different IP address. All outgoing requests from CJB.net's free shell accounts are routed through TOR, so you'll get a different IP address on just about every request you make.

Another great feature for proxying is that the free shell accounts from CJB.net can be accessed on port 443. That allows you to use your shell account from behind most firewalls.

These free SSH shell accounts are on a FreeBSD machine with a lot of RAM & power. You can even install software on your shell account from a selection of about 10,000 packages.

CJB gives you all the bells and whistles with their free SSH account. Many compilers, utilities, & scripting languages are available and you get 1 GB of space to store about 100,000 files. You're allowed to have 2 concurrent SSH connections to your account.

I've enjoyed my free SSH account from CJB.net and I can recommend them if you want a free SSH account that comes with a lot of cool UNIX features.

Compared to other shell providers, CJB doesn't have any stupid requirements to get a free SSH account. I've seen other providers that make you submit lengthy applications where you've got to answer all kinds of answers about how you plan to use your shell account. 



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