Colloidal Silver - "Silver Lungs"?


An advertisement for a colloidal silver product called "Silver Lungs" aired on the Alex Jones radio show.

I just heard a radio commercial for "the silver lungs generator", some kind of device that produces colloidal silver and lets a user breathe it into their lungs.

I actually heard of this product while listening to the Alex Jones show, a show that I don't listen to often, but a show that I thought had opinions that reject ideas like this "silver lungs" device. Alex Jones actually did the voice for the commercial.

What is concerning to me is that heavy metals can be detrimental to your health, silver is a heavy metal, and there is Alex Jones selling a device that promotes the inhalation of silver into the lungs.

On one hand, I hear opinions on the Alex Jones show which seem very much against the inclusion of flouride in municipal water supplies, and then I hear Alex Jones pushing a product that helps people breathe in heavy metals.

I have yet to find any conclusive scientific evidence that agrees with the claims of the colloidal silver salesmen and advocates.

Please people, don't ingest silver even if an internet sales page tells you it will cure every problem from acne to X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia.

Colloidal Silver Products
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