Trayce Hansen, Ph.D., a psychologist who specialized in clinical and forensic practice, has conducted a review of studies on the matter of differences of sexual orientation outcome of children based on the sexual orientation of their parents.

What she uncovered has much to do with bias and professional dishonesty in the social sciences among some pro-homosexual researchers who have kept hush about some of their findings which may indicate that children raised by homosexuals may be more likely to develop a homosexual orientation themselves as adults.

It turns out that Pro-homosexual researchers often try to convey that their research did not find any differences in the sexuality of children raised by homosexual parents from those raised by heterosexual parents, despite the fact that their findings say otherwise.

"Pro-homosexual researchers frequently claim studies find "no differences" between children raised by homosexuals and heterosexuals. Amazingly, these claims are made in the abstracts of research studies that actually uncovered differences (Williams, 2000). The tendency to deny or downplay differences has been noted by pro-homosexual parenting researchers. After reviewing 21 studies, Stacey and Biblarz (2001) concluded that in regards to gender, sexual behavior and sexual preference, homosexually parented children are different from heterosexually parented children. But despite such findings, many continue to proclaim "no differences" in order to galvanize support for homosexual access to fertility services, adoption, custody, and same-sex marriage. Encouraging support for a cause is fine, as long as the information being disseminated is true. But in this case, it isn't."   Dr. Trayce Hansen's Writings, (last visited Sep. 14, 2009).

Hansen also goes on to suggest from her analysis of other's research that:

"Studies thus far find between 8% and 21% of homosexually parented children ultimately identify as non-heterosexual. For comparison purposes, approximately 2% of the general population are non-heterosexual. Therefore, if these percentages continue to hold true, children of homosexuals have a 4 to 10 times greater likelihood of developing a non-heterosexual preference than other children."   Dr. Trayce Hansen's Writings, (last visited Sep. 14, 2009).

Public policy and public opinion on matters is affected by the ideas presented to us by professional researchers. It's unfortunate that some researchers have a tendency to hide their findings which contradict their personal views.

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