Does anybody else look at Trump in this way? Like a zen master of the business and publicity world?

I was listening to the audio version of Trump's book, Never Give Up, and this is the first of Trump's books that I've listened to or read. It struck me that he has a very Zen like or Tau way of looking at life. I know a lot of people will disagree.

I was curious if others thought this way so I Googled "zen of trump". The first result appeared to be the site of a zen teacher. 

There was a link at the top called Revealed: What Trump Can Teach Us About Zen - Flowing Zen, and I thought to myself, wow, somebody gets it. Somebody else sees that Trump has his own kind of zen.

But clicking through the link showed me that the person who authored that page was not genuinely in belief that Trump has a zen way about him. Instead he was of the mistaken belief that Trump is a racist or a bigot. 

People just don't get the zen of Trump.


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