The HTC Vive Base Stations are a critical part of the HTC Vive's tracking performance. There is a certain way that they must be mounted. My preliminatry research has taught me that they can be mounted on a wall, on a shelf, or on stands. Let's look at how others are mounting their HTC Vive Base Stations. 

The Official VIVE YouTube Channel's Tutorial for Room-scale

This video gives you an overview of your options for placing  the base stations. Mentioned is wall mounting, using stands, and clamping them to book shelves.

This video goes through the complete setup of the HTC VIVE.

How to best position HTC Motion Tracking Boxes

A detailed guide on how to best position the HTC Motion Tracking Boxes (AKA Base stations) comes from tom's guide. This should help you if the setup video mentioned above doesn't give you all the details you were looking for.

How to set up your HTC VIVE Base Stations without drilling holes

A lot of people don't want to drill holes in their walls. Or they want a setup that can be transported to different locations. If that's the case, you may want to see these suggestions which include using a tripod, using mounting tape, or as mentioned previously, placing them on shelves.

3D printed mounting accessories for HTC Vive Base Stations

There's a variety of 3D printable files that can be printed and used to mount the VIVE base stations in different ways. check them out on Thingiverse. And also here on Thingiverse.

PVC mounting system for HTC VIVE Base Stations

If you'd like to work with PVC pipe, you should check out this video on making inexpensive mounting posts for your HTC VIVE Base Stations.

Commercially available stands

There are a lot of stands that can be bought on Amazon for the HTC Vive Base Stations. 

The Fovitec - 2x 7'6" VR Gaming Lighthouse Mount Stand Kit is Amazon's best selling and top rated stand kit. It is a stable mounting solution that can be collapsed and stored in the included bag.


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