A T-shirt is such a basic and ubiquitous item of clothing. Wearing it though can look sloppy or sexy. But it all depends on if you wear the right size. 

Let's learn a bit more about how a T-shirt should fit, because I can see around me that many people could use some help with this.

Ashley Weston gives us some fantastic guidelines on the fit of T-Shirts, especially pertaining to the neck opening, the sleeves, the fit around the body, and the length.

What you might learn from this is that too many guys wear them too loose. And that looks sloppy.

You can watch Ashley Weston talk about these points of T-Shirt fitting in the video below.

In another take on T-Shirt fitting, Brock of The Modest Man YouTube channel gives a great rundown of the points to remember in sizing T-Shirts so you look great. This video shows what he can tell you about getting the right fit in a T-shirt.

What I learned from both of these videos is that I wear t-shirts that are too big. And both videos opened up my eyes to the fact that lots of guys do this. The t-shirt basically becomes a big tent to cover up the body. The sleeves are too big and too long, and so is the fit around the torso.

I realize that this basic article of clothing can be used to flatter ones appearance rather than just being a default and uninteresting way to cover the body. 


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