I don't believe a woman simply because she has made an accusation

I was reading Why "Believe Women" Means Believing Women Without Exception and it got me thinking, why do we believe women without exception?

There seems to be a popular idea in our culture that says we must never question a woman who alleges she was raped. This is often extended to include never questioning women who accuse people of other types of wrongdoing, and also to never questioning an accuser, or somebody who accuses everyone of everything.

I think it's unneccessary to believe someone without exceptions simply because they have made an accusation. 

I come from the position that we should believe accusations only if there is evidence to conclude that accusations are true. And accusations themselves don't provide sufficient proof that accusations are true.

Neither does the fact that an accuser is a woman mean that an accusation is true. 

But the common sentiment among much of our culture is that we must never question a woman accuser. 

People lie. People don't tell the truth for other reasons. But it's extremely taboo to even suggest that an accuser might not be telling the truth. 

Why are we so afraid to question accusers? Why do we take their claims of abuse without evidence and treat their allegations as fact? We don't do the same for all types of allegations. Mostly it's the claims of violence or abuse against women that we accept as true or likely true without question. 

It's a little strange. There's not much we believe without evidence as much as we believe women accusers without evidence. 

Why is that?

Do we believe men without exception? We at least don't believe men when a man says a woman's allegation against him isn't true. Even when both a woman accuser and a man who denies her accusations has no evidence from which we can conclude any truth to their claims, we believe the woman accuser. 

Why is that? I'd love for someone to provide a good reason as to why we believe the woman.


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