Another type of crazymaking technique that narcissists will use to control situations is word salad. This less often talked about narcissist crazymaking technique is explained in these videos.

What is referred to as word salad in these videos comprises many different things like projection and just regular confustion techniques. Watch to see what is considered narcissistic word salad.

Narcissistic word salad is a tactic of the covert narcissist. Not being as overt as a regular narcissist, the covert uses different strategies that are more subtle, but equally as maddening. The covert narcissist operates from an insecure state, compared to what is typically understood as a narcissist.

Narcissists use word salad to confuse you and keep your mind off of other things. They will purposely misunderstand you and purposely say things that can't be understood. 

Understanding the narcissist's use of word salad/wordplay entails realizing that the narcissist isn't dealing with reality. They may actually believe what they tell you, which you know to be untrue.

You may find that with a narcissist, you don't understand what they are saying. You may try to make sense of this nonsense, but you're trying to make sense of something that's disorganized from the start. It's crazymaking!


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