Gimme some more of that. 

That's what I'm thinking after practicing Natural Stress Relief (NSR) meditation for the very first time about 10 minutes ago. 

I wrote earlier about how I purchased the NSR meditation manual. NSR is a type of meditation for stress relief and transcending that is offered as a less expensive alternative to Transcendental Meditation. 

The instruction of NSR comes in the form of a book and an audio CD. The book and the audio can also be purchased in electronic downloadable format (that's what I did).

The instructions are clear and easy to do. Nobody should have any trouble understanding what you're supposed to do in NSR.

So I did the first of six lessons tonight. There are two lessons per day for three days, unless you don't start the first lesson in the morning. If you do the first lesson in the afternoon like I did, then your second lesson would be the next morning. So when I wake up tomorrow morning I'll practice the next lesson from the NSR manual.

I've been meditating for a while off and on for 20 years or so, but this is the first I've done of any meditation like this. And it was good. I feel like stress really disappeared. Everything was very relaxing. I got away from the mental noise for a bit. Thoughts had less of an edge. I still feel residual effects from my first NSR meditation not too long ago. 

So I can see this working in the long term. The NSR seemed to recalibrate my thinking, bringing my mind to a different range of consciousness that allowed me to see my normal everyday thoughts in a different perspective. I think the NSR stuff is on to something. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when I'll practice again.


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