Your true self. Wouldn't you like to know what that is?

Many say we all (most of all) live in the ego, in the head.

Authenticity is the dream for some. Others don't know it is a possibility.

Finding Within Your Heart The Ultimate Wisdom: You Are Divine

Raising our consciousness and frequency fills our hearts with the truth of who we are. The heart is said to be full because once we acknowledge our real identity, we realize that everything lies within us. God, the zero-point energy field, cosmic consciousness – it is all within. We are part of the field that flows through us. This is why the mystics have told us that we are not separate from each other. This web of energy connects all of us through multitudes of swirling vortexes. As I wrote in In the Key of Life

The Ego vs. Your True Self

The ego has a nifty trick to fool you into thinking that it’s your own voice that you are listening to. This trick is so stupidly simple, that you are likely to miss it altogether. The trick is to use the word “I” whenever it presents you with its negative ideas, so that you will think it is youcoming up with this unpleasant stuff.

That's interesting, that the ego uses the word "I" whenever it presents you with its negative ideas, so that you'll think it's you coming up with the ideas.

And then from the previous mentioend article, the idea that I wanted to think about:

Before we continue about the ego, let’s clarify a few things about your true self. Your real self does not express itself through the mind. It expresses through the heart.

There's a lot of talk about how people need to "get out" of their heads, and think with their hearts. I think there's something to that.

There's something different about the quality of thought that comes from the head compared to the thought that comes from the heart.


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