Edit: Apparently what I wrote below is not necessary to install Ubuntu on the Acer E5-575-33BM. I'm currently installing Ubuntu on this laptop as I type this and I didn't have to switch the BIOS to legacy mode or change the touchpad from "Advanced" mode to "Basic". Everything is going as it should.

Installing Ubuntu Linux on my Acer E5-575-33BM looks like it will be easy and without hangups, according to what I'm reading on various web sites. According to one Reddit user, only two things are needed for a smooth install:

  1. Switch the BIOS to legacy mode
  2. Change the touchpad from "Advanced" mode to "Basic" mode.

Here's the original comment from user benuski from this Reddit thread:

I just got an E5-575-33BM, and overall it has been great. I added an SSD hard drive and am about to upgrade from the 4GB of RAM that comes with it to 16GB. The only two things that I needed to do in the BIOS was to turn off UEFI (switched it to legacy), and then I needed to change the touchpad from "Advanced" mode to "Basic" mode. Some sort of unsupported driver, but in Basic mode I can still do all of the mouse gestures that I need (two finger tap, scroll, etc). Other than that, its been a great computer so far for a great price. I've got Arch installed with Gnome, and everything is going just peachy.

I also found a blog where a person describes installing Linux Mint on an Acer E5-575-33BM laptop.


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