I was excited to learn about Adsense Auto Ads today. I was hyped about learning about a machine learning algorithm that would automatically decide the best places to place ads on my web site. I added the code to my site, removed all existing Adsense ads, and then gave my pages some views on my phone.

The ads appeared on my phone, but only at the bottom of the page and not within the page content. And when I use a laptop browser the ads are not visible at all. 

The ads that appear on mobile are the related pages of my site that have ads above them. This type of ad and related pages block as the text "Recommended For You" written above it. A pretty good concept, but I just wish it would appear on my site in a non-mobile browser, and appear in pages other than in the site footer.

I checked again to make sure I wasn't viewing a cached page. I double checked, but there were still no ads. 

I'll ad that it's been over an hour since I put the Adsense Auto Ads code in the head section of my site. Still no ads.

This is a new feature, and maybe there are some bugs that need to be worked out. But as it is right now, I can't see any ads except for mobile.


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