I checked this morning and found that Adsense Auto Ads are now working on my site for desktop visitors. Before they were only working for mobile visitors.

The Auto Ads showed up on my front page. All of the ads were image banner ads. There were no text ads.

What was also interesting is that vertical banner ads were used within rows of links. Vertical banner ads usually go on a sidebar and not in horizontal rows of links where they create a lot of blank white space.

Here's an example of what I mean. Look at the picture next to this content and you'll see the vertical banner underneath the link to the article on light beer. The vertical ad pushes the next row of content much further down the page than it would if a horizontal banner was used.

In all there was a total of four banner ads on the front page from the Google Auto Ads script. I kind of like not having to decide banner placement. And I like that Google has the machine learning know how to handle the best placement of ads on my site. I want to write content, not figure out ad placement. We'll see if Adsense Auto Ads are any good.

I was also pleased at how Google chose the placement of ads on my article pages. At first when I looked on mobile there was only footer ads. Now the ads Google is placing is near my comments area under the article. Google chose a place inbetween links to other pages to place their ad.


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