Sometimes I write tutorials about computer stuff. And sometimes I write lists in those tutorials. 

The problem I was having with TYPO3 when doing this was that whenever I put a <code> tag inside of an ordered or unordered list, the <code> tag wasn't properly translated on the frontend of the web site. The < and > brackets around the 'code' tag were run through htmlspecialcharacters and were showing up on the front end.

Luckily and after searching, I found a solution that allows me to put code tags in lists.

All I did was add the following to the typoscript template of my web site.


### This will allow code tag inside ul & ol

## Modified from

lib.parseFunc_RTE {

    # Processing  <ol> and  <ul> blocks separately

    //here you'll need to list all tags, you assume to be external blocks

    externalBlocks = ol, ul

    externalBlocks {




        ol.stdWrap.parseFunc = < lib.parseFunc



        ul.stdWrap.parseFunc = < lib.parseFunc

        ul.stdWrap.parseFunc = < lib.parseFunc





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