I first tried a Bissel steam rug cleaner. After using it, the carpet did look cleaner, but quickly became soiled again. Next I tried a product called M30 multipurpose cleaner. It worked wonderfully, but within a month the same spots that had disappeared with the M30 had returned. My guess is that since the M30 is oil based, that even though it initially cleaned the spots, the oil in it acted as a magnet and just attracted dirt back to the same spots that were cleaned by the M30.

 I would recommend the M30 as a quick simple way to remove a stain on a carpet. But just be aware, you will have to repeat the application of M30 about a month later, as it will attract the dirt to the exact same spot.

The most recent treatment I used was Woolite carpet foam for high traffic areas. It was quite simple to use. Just spray it on the stain and rub in all directions with a brush. Let it dry and vacuum over the cleaned areas.

Woolite foam for high traffic areas contains Scotchgard, which will help the dirt from coming to the same area again. This product worked great for my large rug in the living room with white borders. I had tried several other products and Woolite foam for high traffic areas was the best option so far.


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