I really love using Cura for my 3D printing slicing needs. And I reallylove Linux.

But with my recent upgrade to Linux Mint 18, Cura will no longer run. 

From the menu I'd try to start Cura and all I'd get was nothing. Nothing at all would happen.

Starting Cura from the command line showed me what part of the problem was:

me@myLaptop /opt/cura/bin $ /usr/bin/cura
/usr/bin/cura: line 3: python3.4: command not found

Do you see that? Cura seems to require Python 3.4, but apparently, I don't have Python 3.4 with my new Linux Mint install.

Luckily, there's someone who figured how to get this installed. All you have to do is go here for information on how to get Cura installed and working on more recent versions of Ubuntu/Mint. First,You'll see that those instructions will have you install a PPA, run an apt-get update, and then install Cura.

That's all you need to do and you can use Cura without any problems.


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