This article is sort of "bloggy", so I guess you could call this a "blog" post.

I don't write much bloggy stuff, but I figured I'd write about what I'm doing with this web site.

Lately, and for much of the past few years, I haven't been publishing to this web site much. 

The main thing that's kept me hesitant to publish new articles is that I haven't had things working well with TYPO3.

Mainly, the problem I've had is in allowing a variety of tags to be used in htmlArea, TYPO3's RTE. It's pretty confusing to me, confusing to configure the RTE for all kinds of tags. I got frustrated.

Tags related to publishing code snippets, whether they be pre, code, or some other types of tags, need to be enabled in order for me to happily run this site.

Like I mentioned though, I consider RTE configuration to be one of the most frustrating things about TYPO3. 

I need to get this taken care of. 

I've got the documentation


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