An Absolute must know for you- What You Are About to Discover is Something No One Will Ever Tell You About Women. Here's a "GREAT SECRET" which will help you to pickup any women without SAYING a word to them! Not a single word! And NO rejection either. This is the most controversial & shocking revelation of what women REALLY want in a man....You Simply Can not afford to miss this at any cost. Read on... - Tell Me The Secret

Compliment her with something unique. All day she's getting complimented; and also, she doesn't want to hear the same old, obvious things. If she has nice eyes, certainly by now she knows that; try deeper with the compliments on something she wasn't expecting. Find something she does, in action, or something about her that most wouldn't even notice, and go from there.

Look her in the eyes, directly. It's true that many men just get shy, or look somewhere else- more so at her attributes, such as her curves and so forth. While she is looking you in the eyes, you are busy checking her out. She wants a man who can show some substance, and being able to look her in the eye, is intimidating to her, since most men won't do this. Once you do, you have her attention.

If she looks away and back at you, she will have by now, since you established eye contact confidently; then smile! She will smile too, and may get quiet or shy! But don't let that phase you, it means you are really getting to her, so now you have the floor to open her up, start asking her questions about her, and make sure she notices you have all her attention. Be sure to ask the questions which get her attention, and do not repel her. Asking her bra size will repel her; asking her dreams won't.


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