This is cool. A remote desktop program for Linux that runs so fast you'd think you're working locally!

I've known about the NX remote desktop program from NoMachine for a while now. It wasn't until today that I actually needed it though.

NX, which is similar to RDP connections on Windows, allows you to access a remote Linux computer from Windows or Linux & use it without any noticeable lag.

Right now, I'm at a coffee shop is 5 miles from my home. The NX software allows me to connect to my Debian desktop at my home office  from my Windows laptop here at the coffee shop.

There is no lag or speed issues with this setup over a high speed cable internet connection. NX sure comes in handy when I use my Windows 7 desktop and I need access to the features of a Linux Desktop.

It's really sweet to use NX and it's easy to install on Debian, Ubuntu and other popular Linux distributions.


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