1. Start by applying the base coat.
  2. After your base coat completely dries, apply tape along the nail for the desired design. I am going for a basic diagonal one.
  3. Now apply a contrasting nail paint to the exposed part of the nail.
  4. Remove the tape slowly while the nail paint is still wet. Apply top coat to diminish imperfections.



  • Wait for the base coat to dry completely before starting with the scotch tape part. Or you can even do this tape mani on second day nails.
  • Take off some extra stickiness of the tape by putting it on the back of your hand (or anywhere really) so that it does not peel of the base coat. 
  • Make sure that you have applied the tape firmly to your nail so there are no gaps left. You do not want the polish of the second layer to run underneath the tape.
  • For the second layer, it is best to use a polish that would do the job in one coat.

I have used 'Faces: Grape Escape' and 'Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: 405 Coral Reef' (reviewed here) to create this look.

I had actually trashed the idea of doing this post because I did not like how the pictures had come. While going through my picture archives today, I thought, well the pictures are not that bad. And now after completing the post, I am glad I am putting this up. This is such a simple yet pretty nail art design. You can do so many basic and intricate nail art designs using tape, the possibilities are endless! If you try out this nail design, do share it with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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